Feed Market Opportunities

Our domestic feed market has provided the foundation on which we are able to build up our initial faba acres and then progress to other markets.  Proactive Producers has worked hard to cooperate with some of these feed companies to develop a win/win situation for them and our local farmers.  We appreciate the help that some of these partners have given us in this regard.

We are always going to have quality issues no matter what crop we grow and the feed industry is a great partner to have that is willing to take our lower grade production.

Faba bean feed market opportunities
Port grain bagging

Some professors from the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Alberta have been extremely helpful in giving support and direction to our faba program in western Canada.  Without their help, the development of this industry would not have been possible.  We are also very grateful for the support of the Barley Council of Canada who has facilitated some of our overseas connections.

Faba Canada is glad to help Western Canadian farmers access seed, grow their beans and market their crop, no matter what the quality is like.  At times, our domestic feed market can be as profitable as some of the food markets.  It also provides a very valuable safety net for growers with quality issues.

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